Free iPad 2 FAQ

Free iPad 2 FAQ

Frequently asked questions about getting a Apple iPad for free

iPad 2 giveaway questions and answers:

Free iPad 2

  • You say it is FREE, right?

Yes. It is completely free of charge. The only condition is to complete one offer.

  • How is it possible to get such an expensive gadget for free?

Check out the explanation here.

  • Is this method legit? I have seen hundreds of offers and giveaways similar to this one.

It is absolutely legitimate – as ѕeen on The Gadget Show, proof pictures on this site and all those Youtube videos unpacking an iPad. You can read lots of testimonials on the Exceem forum.

  • What is the offer all about in brief?

Sign up FreebieJeebies and provide all the information needed іn the registration form. That guarantees you will receive your brand new free iPad 2 to your doorstep. After that complete ONE offer. The variety of offers available to you depends on your residence. There are great offers and services that worth trying -there are even free offers. After completion of ONE offer you can start referring friends. They must sign up FreebieJeebies and complete ONE offer as well. The more friends you refer, sooner you will get your free gift.

  • So what about these offers?

We recommend completion of certain offers but it’s all your choice. Completion of ONE offer іѕ essential to claim your free iPad 2. Canceling offers іѕ not allowed and you will not be credited. They all worth a try.

  • Could my iPad be shipped to my country?

Freebiejeebies іѕ worldwide (exception of India and the Philippines). Your gift will be shipped to your doorstep for free.

  • I have completed an offer but the site іѕ not showing that as confirmed.

Tracking іѕ generally automatic but things occasionally slip through the net. If you have completed an offer and have not received credit after 5 working days, then you should submit a “No offer credit” support ticket via the site’s support system.

  • Can I create more than one account?

In order to give you the best gifts for a low referral cost, you are not permitted to create more than one account.

  • I need more information about the iPad 2 specs and features?

    free iPad 2 White

33 percent thinner at 241.2 x 185.7 x 8.8 mm and 15 percent lighter at 601 grams, the iPad 2 has really outdone its predecessor. The most amazing feature for the iPad 2 is that is faster than the original iPad. Its dual core A5 chip is twice as fast, making multitasking easier and smoother. Enjoy FaceTime video calls, and notice the difference in speed when loading applications and games. Enjoy high resolution photos videos, and web pages, books, games, and more with the LED backlit 9.7 inch screen. Surf the web, play games, read books, and type your messages with the Multi-Touch feature that transforms your pinches, swipes, taps, and flicks into an amazing lifelike actions.

If you win a iPad 2, your gaming experience will never be the same. The graphics performance is 9 times faster than the first iPad. The iOS4 and A5 chip make your battery life as efficient as ever, with up to 10 hours continuous use. Another amazing feature is the dual cameras at the front and back. The front camera is designed for its newest feature FaceTime, so you can enjoy calls with real time videos and recording with VGA quality. The rear camera is perfect for HD with 720p video recording at 30 frames per second and a 5x digital zoom. Another featured application is the Photo Booth that will make your snapshots a fun and exciting experience.

The price range is still the same, starting from $499 up to $829 for a 16GB iPad 2 with WiFi connectivity only, and 64GB iPad 2 with WiFi and 3G. Here you can get a free iPad 2! So read on to know how to get a free iPad 2. Another new feature is the HDMI cable with a 1080p output. Of course, to enjoy this included accessory, you will have to use the Apple Digital AV adapter.

A new cover for the device was also created alongside with designing the 2nd generation iPad. The iPad Smart Cover is built with smart magnetic technology that protects your iPad without creating a bulk. When you open the Smart Cover, the iPad wakes up instantly. When you put back the cover, the iPad goeѕ to sleep mode automatically. The unique feature of the Smart Cover is that it can turn into a stand when you’re watching videos, surfing the internet, or playing games. The iPad Smart Cover is available in 10 colors, perfect if you win the iPad 2 free of charge.

Visit Apple iPad 2 site for more information.

  • I have a specific question.

See the FreebieJeebies FAQ. Feel free to Contact us.

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Easy step guide to get a brand new free iPad 2

Step 1

Sign up FreebieJeebies and fill all the fields of the registration form. In other words, this will guarantee the free iPad 2 will wait in front of your doorstep. Step1

Step 2

Complete ONE offer from the list. Offers available to you depend on your residence. There are great offers and services that worth trying – even free offers that will cost you nothing. That is why it is called a free iPad 2. Step2

Step 3

After you have completed one offer you can start referring friends. In order to get your free iPad 2 they must sign up FreebieJeebies and complete ONE offer as well. The more referrals you get, the more free gifts you receive. You can get tens of free iPad 2 tablets. All depends on you. Step3

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