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Jailbreak iPad 2

Jun 3, 2011   //   by admin   //   Blog  //  Comments Off on Jailbreak iPad 2

Jailbreak iPad 2

Is it possible to jailbreak iPad 2 now ?

Jailbreak iPad 2 info

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Nowadays everyone wants to jailbreak iPad 2. But what is that ? Jailbreaking is a method that is used to allow the device to be used freely by any platform. When they had introduced the iPad, jailbreakers had the task to develop a software that will unlock the device allowing to be able to use various programs  from different platforms. They had it done. They are now able to run the device without the permission from apple.  Now they are able to download programs and games without using the apple store to do it.

There are literally thousands of applications that can be used and placed on device but they are illegitimate and therefore that makes the download illegal.  They range from fitness softwares, games, reading materials, social networking apps , entertainment just to name a few.

Apple recently released the IPad2 and a jailbreak has already been developed for it. Apple hacker comex has already developed a jailbreak for the iPad 2 but it hasn’t been released as yet. We are looking forward to having it released and jailbreak iPad 2 of yours.

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  • Is it possible to jailbreak iPad 2 ?

According the comex, he could have developed the hack sooner if he had not spent so much time looking into new things that was in OS4.3. this is something that is amazing due to the fact that he did it without the use of the device itself.

He stated on twitter that the jailbreak could have come a lot more sooner than when it was released. He did so without getting the device itself to use. He also stated that he used a friend’s device to build the jailbreak, who was 2500 miles away.  There aren’t more information on the hacking software as yet as it seems to have not been tested by a number of persons. However, it is better to be tested whether there will be any issues or bugs when you jailbreak iPad 2.

  • When will be released the jailbreak iPad 2 software ?

Comex stated further that once the jailbreak is polished then he will release it to the public and this is done by loading Cydia on the device which the unofficial app store.

Jailbreak iPad 2, in a nutshell – when one jailbreaks an IPad, the device will be able to do more things than it would have when it was locked.  Updating twitter with the launch of q twitter, multi tasking,  tethering, and also the use of magic mouse are a few of things that can be done when the device has been jail broken. So it will be great when become possible to jailbreak iPad 2.

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